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5th February 2018
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So you know what a blog is, but you’re not sure how they can benefit your business – read on and I will explain all…

Having a pretty website with lots of lovely images is great, but having gone to all the time and expense of getting the site live, you need customers to pay a visit. Driving traffic to a website is easy for those with deep pockets, but the rest

As you may know, websites with regular updates get higher rankings in search engines. Blogs add another page of content to your site giving it more chance of appearing in searches by potential customers. The process is like a lottery: the more tickets you have, the better your odds.

Blogging can also get you noticed on social media as your posts can be shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Social media consumes content, so you need to keep the blogs regular and original to drive new followers to your website.

Once you have traffic flowing to your site, you need to turn your new visitors into customers. Hopefully your blog is providing information about your business so the visitor is already interested. To sweeten the deal, you could try an offer or call-to-action, such as a voucher or free resource (factsheet, ebook, product trials). An email address is another subscriber to your marketing database.

Blogging is also a quick way for professionals, like yourself, to gain authority in their field. By answering common questions or providing thoughtful comment on a topical issue, you will be seen as a trusted voice by colleagues and customers. Education leads to quicker sales.

Don’t expect blogging to produce immediate results, it’s all about playing the long game with more website traffic and content for search engines. To find out more about blogging and how it can benefit your business, please get in touch with WordSmart Communications.

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