Aware Yoga Studio Creating The Perfect Sunday
12th August 2011
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Aware Yoga Studio .............the Perfect Sunday

It all began at 6.30am when I got up and had a small breakfast! Why you ask? Because there should be a 3 hour gap between eating and “doing yoga|”. When I say doing yoga I’m talking about the asana’s, the postures, stretching and so on.

Have you ever tried to down dog on a full stomach………..not much fun for anyone.

The class was due to start at 9.30, so after breakfast I had time to do some chores. The ironing is done, the cleaning is done and a few emails have been written.

Then I picked up my mat and meditation cushion, having vacuumed off the cat hair (it’s the favourite place of my cat right now) and began my stroll up the road to the Aware yoga Studio.

I got there early and all was very quiet. As soon as one walks through the door of that beautiful space an inner peace takes over. It’s a room of love, calmness, security and peace.

I found a place near the back (no, no, I was not hiding, honest) and laid in Shivasana. That’s not simply lying on your back. It’s lying on your back with awareness. Awareness of your spine, awareness of your arms, shoulders, legs. It’s lying on your back with a purpose and then relaxing. Aware of your space, aware of your connection to the ground, aware of your breath. Oh so aware of your breath.

The room filled with like minded souls and quiet fell.

Denise Martin Harker began the class by raising us up to a seated position and then taking us gently through a hatha Yoga asana class. Working with the breath at a slow pace, with eyes closed so that the internal movement is so refined and not tempered or distracted by the sense of sight.

A class about opening joints, stretching and allowing the physical body to be alive, filled with prana or life force energy. And yet so very, very calming, in an energising way.

A class about praising, worshipping. Not worship of a fit body, although a healthy body is a good thing. It’s about enjoying the vehicle that takes us through this life, it’s about connecting with the life force energy within, which connects us to the life force energy without.

Then sitting, breathing, attempt at meditation. Just five minutes of sitting comfortably with legs crossed, spine straight and tall, head balanced, breathe.  That took us to 11 O’clock and we had a break for a chat and some coffee or tea. Good quality chocolate and flapjacks were on offer too.

Having fuelled our physical bodies after fuelling our subtle bodies we gathered together once more. Sitting comfortably on the floor with cushions and blankets, Denise opened a satsang, or discussion about Yoga Philosophy. Her theme was the history of yoga and its science behind it. She challenged us with some interesting statements about what yoga is really for and how it impacts on our daily lives. It is a system for life. A system for living in this world and striving to move forward in this life with awareness, compassion and acceptance.

A thought provoking end to the morning and start to the afternoon. Thoughts that continue to move through my brain, settle, evolve and grow. More of that at a later date here I’m sure!

After a lunch at home and an intention to do “some paperwork” I took myself off for a walk along the river with my neighbour. Just outside of Ware on the River Lee there is dragonfly garden. It’s a beautiful place, calm energy and alive with insects and brightly coloured flying things.

On the way, the heavens opened, a crack of thunder and drenching warm rain for about 20 minutes. It was invigorating! Even though there were drips running down my neck inside my T shirt, it was lovely.

Very soon the rain eased and hot sunshine shone on us, we made our way to the Dragonfly garden. Just passing through the gate there is a noticeable change in energy. It’s almost as if there is a bubble around that place. Quiet takes a hold, no distraction.

There were half a dozen cows huddled in the corner and their backs steamed as the sun dried the water from them.

I am sure there was a rainbow somewhere, although I couldn’t see it from where I was. I knew it was there, somewhere!

The sun following the rain meant that the garden and walkways were teaming with dragon flies and mayflies. There were those huge double winged prehistoric looking things too. Just amazing. Cricket song filled the air. Coots hooted on the water and a Cormorant sunned himself on a distant shore across the lake, wings spread wide his head held high.

This lake was an industrial gravel pit just a few years ago. Mother nature has caressed the harshness. She has smoothed the landscape to make a beautiful, restful place to be.

Once dried off back at home, I sat to read. Drifted off into a lovely dream filled sleep for about an hour.

The morning at Aware meant that today was going to be a gentle day. A day for recharging batteries, a day for dreaming, a day for resting.

Later in the evening, I made my way back to Aware Yoga Studio. We gathered again in the quietness of that wonderful space, just for an hour to practice meditation. Denise Martin-Harker again led us gently through some asanas to relax and open shoulder joints, hip joints, legs and neck. She showed us how to sit properly for meditation. That position is very hard for our western bodies. We are used to slouching, laying, crumpled in what we call comfortable. Have you ever thought what you are doing to your internal organs as you sit lounging on your sofa??

As our bodies take some time to get used to the “proper” position, it’s OK to use cushions, blocks, blankets and whatever you need to be comfortable and support yourself. 

Once in a comfortable place, we worked again on breathing. Gentle diaphragmatic breath. No holding in of your tummy, relaxed full breath. Allowing your diaphragm to work as it’s supposed to.

Denise led us though a guided meditation practice, with mantra and continued awareness of the breath.

An hour passed quickly.

I was surprised to have no dead legs at the end, just an inner smile and a longing to return to that quietness.

Truly, a perfect Sunday.

The next meditation with Denise at Aware is on the 4th September. Yoga Philosophy is in November but there are many other events and classes at Aware before then. Check out the website to make your day perfect.



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