August In The Garden
5th August 2020
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Well we’re well into summer now and gardens are in full bloom and vegetables are growing like crazy so what is there to do in the garden – plenty!

  1. Deadhead lilies, annuals, roses and dahlias to encourage further blooming
  2. Collect the seeds from flowers and some veg. Make sure the seed is ripe before you gather it and do it on a dry day. Store in a dry, cool place so any moisture can escape. Write the name of the seed and the date on the bag and then store somewhere mice can’t get to then.
  3. Keep cutting courgettes and beans to encourage more to grow.
  4. Water thoroughly – a sprinkling can do more harm than good and don’t forget to feed your plants.
  5. Check sweetcorn, the kernels should leak a milky coloured liquid when pressed when they are ripe.
  6. Collect onions when they are at their fullest but don’t leave it too late or they will go to seed. Onions, shallots and garlic are usually ready when the leaves start turning yellow. Keep the stems long so they can be plaited and hung up or stored in bags with holes in for air-flow.
  7. There’s still time to plant lettuce and other salad leaves – but not much, this is your last chance!
  8. Keep deadheading flowers.
  9. You can give lavender a light trim but don’t cut too close to old growth as it may not re-grow.
  10. Don’t forget to make plans for your garden while you are on holiday, think about how it will be watered and the grass cut or you may come back to desiccated flowers and veg and a meadow instead of a lawn.
  11. Deadhead

There’s still plenty of vegetables that can be sown in August and many more jobs to do in the garden than listed above but this is a start, for more information on what to sow, plant and harvest check a gardening calendar for the south east or look on the RHS website for information about individual plants.

Don’t forget to leave some time to relax and enjoy your special outside space.

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