Afternoon Tea Party
6th July 2015
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On 11th July at Lance James we will be celebrating with other businesses around town, being an independent store in Hertford. Last year we celebrated with a high rollers Las Vegas themed evening and off the back of its success this year we are going for a family friendly Afternoon Tea. Each year we choose to support a charity and this year we are supporting Teens Unite, a local respite home for teens with incurable illnesses. Their work is outstanding, keeping the teens busy with days out and fundraising events and generally having fun with life.

This year an Afternoon Tea has been organised in store where cakes, tea and champagne will be flowing in exchange for a £5 donation. All proceeds go to Teens Unite. There will also be free jewellery cleaning in the morning and a Grand Prize Draw later in the day. Tickets for the prize draw come in 5’s and cost £3 per strip, once again all proceeds are donated towards Teens Unite. There will be volunteers walking the streets of Hertford in association with Lance James that day so if you can’t spare the time for some cake with us, please do pop some change into one of the collection buckets. We understand that a lot of charities pick Hertford as a hotspot, and you’d like to know what work they do before you donate, so you can pop by and collect an information leaflet in store.

As if all this isn’t exciting enough, we have gone one step further this year. A range of silver charms for bracelets and necklaces have been created on site with the help of a team of designer teens from Teens Unite. Working alongside them to create charms that represent Teens Unite and will appeal to the public was an absolute pleasure. They are incredibly creative individuals and should be so proud of their ideas that have come to life. Each charm represents something they have achieved on days out that the charity have organised for them. All profit from Charm sales on the day will also be donated to the charity. Find the charms in our gallery displays in store.

Our Grand Prize Draw can be seen boasting the best prizes of the day, every one in Hertford has been so generous with donations these included products from stores, gift vouchers, hotel stays and meal experiences. There is no need to be present at the time of the draw, we can take some contact details and put your prize to one side if you cannot stick around.

If you are a budding baker there is still time to do your good deed for the day, drop in a cake or two in the morning, we open at 10am! (Please note we cannot guarantee any containers/posh pots be returned to the correct owners, so I would advise dropping your edibles off in tin foil).

For more information call us on: 01992 534555 or visit us instore at: Lance James Jewellers, 15 Market Place, Hertford.

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