Adapt and change
1st July 2020
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I’ve worked in Travel for many years and helped others along the way.

So many different crises have occurred, I’ve had to adapt to stay.


From volcanoes to earthquakes & tsunamis and terrible terror attacks,

travelling the world is not always easy when you look at the figures and facts.


But people love to travel so the key is making it safe & secure.

So change is needed by all in the business so it can endure.


Change is not always easy, we often crave for the same.

but moving on and forward is an important part of the game.


In times of real uncertainty when change is needed the most,

we have to adapt to keep ourselves going from pillar to post.


So we mustn’t be afraid to change things as we go along,

to react to our situation & learn how to adapt is always right and never wrong.


Karen Ward, Travel Counsellor - offering a personal travel service

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