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9th June 2011
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I didn't hear that radio programme Rob, but I do know that "stress release" has huge healing potential in this world. Stress release can of course be going for a pint with mates, or having a glass of wine and a chin wag with the girls. A cup of tea and a chat with your Mum will do the trick too, or certainly does for me. 

However, if that stress and anxiety causes pain that can't be quantified or manifests in physical illness then perhaps something deeper is required. 

In this world, I don't think there is any "shame" or "weakness" in acknowledging that this stress exists. In fact I would say it is deeply empowering to face up to this modern day "illness".


There are many techniques and solutions to relieving this pressure. Like I've said, sometimes being with friends and having a good belly laugh can release the tension. If it runs deeper then there is no shame is seeking help from professionals. 

I would of course promote my own mediation/relaxation class on a Friday evening. A hour for yourself to just breathe and be in a beautiful environment among people who will welcome and encourage you to be who you are and what you want to be. 

Of course that's not for everyone. So there is Charlotte Richardson Knott with Body Stress Release, a perfect way to let go of all that stress without any participation except having your physical presence in the room. It's just 40 minutes (minimum) of lying there (fully clothed) and allowing yourself to relax and enjoy. Your body will do all the work with Charlotte's instigation. It's gentle and relaxing in itself. I can't recommend it highly enough.


I have to say,I've never experienced CBT. However, I can so clearly see that what they offer is vital and important to healing and releasing stress. The reports I've seen of their work are valuable and effective.


I would say, if you feel stressed in any way at all. Please Please Please, try something. Try them all. See what suits you and keep on trying. 

One thing I am passionate about is looking after all aspects of yourself. We diet, we exercise, but do we look after our mental and emotional health? It's so important. try Yoga, try mediation, try Body Stress Release. Try something else. Find your "thing" that will help you let go of tension, anxiety and stress. It will be life saving.

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