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1st June 2016
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As a driving instructor I probably have more exposure to the actions and antics of other drivers than your average driver. Among the most common thing I see and are sometimes the victim of is tailgating. Why do some people drive so close to the vehicle in front and then attempt to overtake at an inappropriate place. This practise is especially intimidating for learner drivers who will be keeping to the legal speed limit. The rules of the road and how we should behave on them are contained in the Highway Code but I wonder if many people re-aquaint themselves with it once they have passed their test! 


The Highway Code is updated every few years and is available in different formats from a hard copy to an app. I think it would be to all our benefit if a way could be found to ensure all drivers keep themselves up to date on the rules, for example if everyone followed the 2 second rule and were aware of the consequences of speeding we would not have tailgating and a lot of accidents could be avoided.


It has been suggested that drivers should retake a practical driving test every few years but the logistics of this would make it virtually impossible to administer. However, with photo ID licenses having to be renewed every 10 years I think it would be a good idea to make it a condition of the renewal of the license that the driver takes or retakes a theory test, in which case everyone would have to read it again and the infrastructure for testing is already in place.


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