7 Ways to Say Thank You
27th November 2014
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Well, on the other side of the pond, they think so:  today the US celebrates their biggest holiday in the year, Thanksgiving and ways of saying thank you are all over social media today.

Thanksgiving is an American and Canadian tradition, started by the Pilgrims, to give thanks for the harvest - similar to our Harvest Festival but on a much larger scale. Today it is predominantly a time for friends and family to gather together, enjoy a roast turkey dinner and, often, watch American football on TV!

Although it’s not really celebrated here, we too could use it as a prompt to consider ways to say thank you.  And here is the list of my 7 favourite ways to say thank you:

1. Gift hampers - Gift hampers are always well received and easily sourced. Or, for a more individual hamper, why not make up your own with items such as your client's favourite tipple, some chocolates, biscuits and chutney.

2. Flowers - Nothing says 'thank you' more than a simple, beautiful bunch of flowers sent directly to your client with a thoughtful, hand-written note.

3. Promotions - Offers, promotions or discounts on your products or services are also a good way of saying thank you to your loyal and valued customers at this time of year. These can be cost-effective for you as well as encouraging customer loyalty, so may stand you in good stead for 2015.

4. A quick call - How about picking up the ‘phone and speaking to your suppliers, customers and clients and “make their day” by simply saying thank you.

5. Face to face - Alternatively, if gimmicks aren't appealing and budgets don't extend to extravagant gifts, then a simple, face-to-face 'thank you' is often all you really need to show your appreciation at this time of year.

6. An old fashion letter – putting pen to paper can take time, but how do you feel when you receive a thank you letter in the post?  Well, it always make me feel valued as it is nice to see that someone has taken the time to actually pick up a pen and write to me rather than putting a google review in the cloud.

7. Help them out with their charitable causes – are your clients running a marathon, jumping off a plane, taking a trip to the other side of the world, all in the aid of charity?  Well, help them along, by making a donation to their cause and thank them in the process.

I hope I have inspired you.

Thank you for reading.

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