6 Rings make 1 Russian ring
29th February 2016
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We love a challenge here at Lance James Hertford and just recently we have had a fine challenge come through our door.

One of our lovely customers had always admired her mother’s Russian Wedding band. Made from 18ct White gold and with 6 individual rings joined to make one. With it being so unusual, she had struggled to find one elsewhere ready to buy.

With an original to hand we were able to give her an accurate quote for making the ring. After advising her of the pro’s and con’s of different metals, our customer decided on Palladium, a metal which is becoming more and more popular as a brilliant alternative to Platinum.

One of our greatest challenges with this ring was not so much the construction but getting the size correct first time. A Russian Wedding band is typically made to around 3 sizes bigger than any standard ring and they are three stranded. As we were making a 6 strand band, we went for 6 sizes larger than usual and it came out spot on. Our metal was created specifically for our customer, keeping all the dimensions exactly the same as the original.


For more information visit us in store at: 15 Market Place, Hertford, SG14 1DG or call us on: 01992 534555.


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