5 Things to Expect From Your Osteopath
27th June 2013
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According to some statistics, 4 in 5 people in the UK will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. That’s quite an alarming statistic, and one that will only get worse as we give more of our time to work and daily stress.


Back pain means misery for millions of sufferers, but also thousands of employers, as they are faced with an unfit workforce who keeps taking time away from work due to back pain issues. Things can change, and paying a visit to an osteopath can mean your back pain is banished for good.


From a personal stand point, my back pain has been bothering me since 2004, and without regular visits to an osteopath I’d be in agony every day. However, it’s simply not a case of just googling an osteopath in Hertford. You need to make sure that your osteopath is right for you.


hoosing an osteopath for you.....


1. Are they registered with the General Osteopathic Council? All osteopaths in the UK need to be registered by law with the General Osteopathic Council in order to practice. Just check before booking your osteopath treatment.

2. Are they easy to access? Most people visit an osteopath because they’re in pain, so it makes sense to ensure that there’s parking nearby your osteopath’s treatment room so you don’t need to walk far.

3. Expect a consultation prior to your treatment. All good osteopaths will spend time consulting their patients before treating them. This will involve questions about health and general body related questions. It’s so the osteopath can start treating their patient as quickly as possible whilst knowing the full story of the patients issues.

4. You won’t need to get fully undressed! To some people the thought of getting undressed to be treated horrifies them! Thankfully in most circumstances patients won’t need to get fully undressed to undergo an osteopath treatment. Instead, underwear or loose shorts will suffice.

5. It’s rarely a one hit wonder. Osteopathy takes time depending on where the pain is originating from, and how broad it is. One treatment is never really enough; most patients will need a short run of treatments to treat their symptoms. For some (myself included) monthly or bi-monthly osteopath treatments are required in order to stay on top of the pain, even after it’s initially been treated and gone. Don’t be alarmed at this prospect, your body has suffered trauma and needs constant care, so give it just that!


Here on The Best Of Hertford we’ve got two brilliant osteopaths in Hertford as our members. They both come highly recommended by their many happy patients and have been practising osteopathy in Hertford for many years.


For more information on either Julia Philpot – Registered Osteopath, or The Hertford Osteopathic Clinic, run by Anna Chapman please click here. Both osteopaths are fully registered, insured and their treatment rooms are situated in easy access areas in Hertford. So if you need an osteopath in Hertford, visit The Best Of Hertford!


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