12 top tips for staying safe and warm during the cold snap.
13th January 2012
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It seems as though we’ve been very lucky with  the weather since September, do you remember the uncharacteristic sunny days towards the end of September?  Even October, November and early December were relatively warm.  But now the cold has hit us.  Expect the next few days to be hovering below or just above freezing, and definitely expect to be de-icing your car each morning!



To coincide with this cold snap, our business member, Ashbourne Insurance Services has kindly put together 12 top tips for a warmer and safer winter.


1.    Ensure that all pipes are properly lagged and that  there’s no dripping taps or faulty ball valves.


2.    For older buildings especially, keep the heating on a low temperature throughout the day, this not only ensures there will be no frozen and burst pipes, but also will save you money on your heating bills.


3.    Keep your heating system up to date with its servicing.


4.    Going away?  Try and get a neighbour to pop in daily to check on the property, or if you’re away for a considerable amount of time, drain the system completely.


5.    Keep your gutters unblocked.  If a blocked drain freezes this could lead to it cracking and leaking, then causing damp problems.


6.    In particularly windy weather it pays to keep an eye any loose roof tiles that may blow off, also branches that look precarious will need to be cut back.


7.    You know that expensive set of garden furniture you brought in the Summer?  Put it away!  Ice and snow will gradually ruin it and it’s not as if you need it until May!


8.    If you’re going on a journey, plan ahead and keep up to date with traffic and weather reports.


9.    Check your wipers, battery, lights, tyres and anti freeze levels on your car.  Keep a handy tin of de-icer to defrost frozen locks.


10.    We’re all probably guilty of this, when defrosting your car in the morning, try and avoid leaving it unattended.  This is a prime time of year for thieves to steal your car.


11.    Adapt your driving style to the conditions.


12.    The key to driving in icy and snowy conditions is to be as smooth as possible, no sudden braking or cornering, otherwise you could end up in trouble.



Remember Ashbourne Insurance are your local insurance broker.  They provide a whole range of insurance services tailored towards your needs, give them a call on 01992 471001 or visit their website here.
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