12 Steps on what to look for when buying a real tree and keeping it safe
5th December 2018
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You’ve decided to buy a real tree this year but maybe you’re not sure how to find one which will look beautiful in your home and hold it’s needles beyond New Year, well, the following steps will guide you through the whole process.

1. Before leaving home measure the area you intend for your tree and then measure your chosen tree before paying for it, trees always look small outside and with other larger trees only to find that when you get it home it won’t fit in the space for it!

2. Check the base of the trunk, it should be light in colour if it’s not then it’s not fresh and will be more likely to lose it’s needles. The needles should be shiny and the tree should not feel light when you pick it up as this means it’s lost a lot of moisture and is already drying out.

3. Get someone to hold the tree for you so you can stand back and look it over.  Look for damaged and bear branches and you’ll want it to have well-spaced branches. 

4. When you get your tree home, saw off a couple of centimetres off of the base to allow more moisture to be absorbed by the layers under the bark.

5. Take it out of its wrapping and leave it in a bucket of water overnight.

6. Clear a space before bringing in your tree, you don’t want to be moving furniture around when your tree is in the house.

7. Before bringing your tree indoors give it a good shake to get rid of any loose needles while it’s still outside.

8. Make sure your tree is securely fixed into place (usually by clamps) and make sure your tub or clamps are large enough for your tree. Never peel off the bark to make it fit or the tree will dry out – water is only taken up through the tree in the layers just below the bark.  Water your tree every couple of days to keep it fresh.
9. Don’t place your tree in a pathway where it is likely to be knocked over.
10. Keep it away from a heat source in case of fire, also it will make your tree dry out quicker.
11. Take your time decorating your tree and enjoy this time.  
12. When it’s time for your tree to go, you could shred the branches and then scatter them over your garden and under shrubs as mulch.  Alternatively you could drill holes in the trunk to make a bee hotel and cut the larger branches into shorter lengths and stack in undisturbed areas of the garden to create wildlife pile.

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