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11th June 2012
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In 1968, the BBC predicted a gloomy future for Haverhill and its residents, when its Man Alive programme made a hypercritical documentary about the town’s expansion.


In particular, the documentary attacked Haverhill’s lack of infrastructure, poor amenities, high density housing, council leadership and employment issues, which, understandably, angered many of the town’s residents.


Now, 43 years later, the Haverhill Man Alive Project’s new film documentary will put the record straight. Brainchild of Ron Walker and his wife Linda, the film shows how Haverhill has recovered and transformed into the successful, vibrant and dynamic community we all know it to be. The Haverhill Man Alive Project took two years to make and includes contributions from residents that were there during ‘Overspill’, when the original market town with a population of less than 5,000 expanded in the 1960s.


As Ron explains, “It is our purpose to finally lay to rest the ghosts of Haverhill’s past, and remind everyone of what it has taken to get to where we are today.


“We also believe it is essential that our community’s message is heard very clearly in the context of St Edmundsbury’s Vision 2031 developments being planned.”


The Haverhill Man Alive Project is being shown on Wednesday 27th June 2012 at the Haverhill Arts Centre as part of the town’s annual Arts Festival. Having already gained a number of high profile supporters, the audience is expected to include former MP, Sir Eldon Griffiths and Nic Rumsey of Carisbrooke Investments, Town, Borough and County councillors, teachers, clergy, police, charity representatives and members of the public.


The event is free but advance booking is required. The film will start at 7:30pm; please call the Haverhill Arts Centre on 01440 714 140 to book tickets.

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