Balloons and the Environment Part 1
7th May 2018
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There is a lot of concern for the environment at the moment and balloons are getting bad press because of incorrect facts. So here is a quick guide to balloons and the environment.
There are three types of balloons; latex balloons, Mylar or foil balloons and plastic balloons. Plastic and Mylar balloons are used mainly for helium filled balloons because the helium is held within the balloon for a a lot longer that in a latex balloons. Helium is also a rare gas, once it is all used up, that’s it. Latex balloons are often coated with a substance inside the balloons to decrease the speed at which the helium molecules can pass through the latex balloon. That liquid is vegetable based and harmless, but really messy if still wet and the balloon bursts!

I am a member of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA), based in Australia but applicable all over this planet we call home.
We stand for:
Members of PEBA do not support, or condone, nor will they facilitate the deliberate release of balloons. PEBA is happy to work with any Authority in supporting any legislation calling for a ban on the deliberate release of balloons.

Members of PEBA will continue to educate their clients, venue managers and the general public, by all possible means, in the correct disposal of balloons and strongly support the "Pin it and Bin It" campaign.

PEBA will actively promote the positive environmental aspects of balloons, while presenting a balanced view to members, the public and any authorities, on all matters pertaining to balloons and the environment.

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