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29th April 2019
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At thebestof Eastbourne, we encourage our Business Members to collect customer reviews at every opportunity but once added to their business profile, what then?

Well we want to make sure a business we work with maximises that review to its full potential so here some suggestions you can do with a customer review to increase its life time value.

  • Use copies on social media – This can be either as text or graphic, maybe a photo of the reviewer if they are happy to be part of your promotion. Customers are always happy to help a business that has done them a good service so be creative in how you make use of the “word of mouth” they have put into words for you!
  • Add links in your email footer - At thebestof Eastbourne we host all reviews alongside a business feature. Though your customers may have their own favourite platform to leave a review so open up the options for them but showing quick links to where they can add a review for yours business. You can even include a favourite review in your footer saying “Our customer said XYZ” We would love to hear what you have to say by leaving a review at Facebook, Google or thebestof Eastbourne.
  • Showcase in your premises – If your business has customers visit; make sure you have some of your best reviews on display! You could build a customer feedback board, showcasing your reviews to potential customers in your premises and if you have a “leave a comment” they may well just add their own positive feedback. Perfect for your waiting area or showroom as customers/visitors are always looking around for things to read while waiting and this is so much better than magazines.
  • Use in printed ad's - If you are putting an advertisement out, use customer comments to say the things you cant… after all the readers of the advert may take note more of customer comments over you saying how great your products or services are even if it is true…
  • Use negative feedback - No one gets it right all of the time so don't be afraid of negative feedback and using it to your advantage. Constructive comments make great case studies and can show how you took a situation and made it right. Don't forget to ask the customer for follow up feedback, again it’s fantastic so show credibility in your business. Over the years a common comment has always been the measure of a company is how it deals with things when they go wrong… Make sure you have a process to deal with any customer issues not matter how small you may think they are.

So there we go. A review is lovely, it makes us feel good, it can even make is act and improve but what then. Well build up that bank of reviews and use them in as many different and creative ways as you can for leverage and ultimately more business.

If you want to start to collect regular reviews for your business but are not sure how, why not get in touch with us at thebestof Eastbourne. We have a range of tools to make sure you make it easy for your customer.

Contact David Ruddle via thebestof Eastbourne or call us 01323 458125


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