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Do you have a great business in Eastbourne? Then why not let us shout about it? At thebestof Eastbourne, we help local businesses with their marketing in Eastbourne to get noticed using a wide range of advertising and marketing techniques. If your customers think your Eastbourne business is great, join us today!

Getting and keeping customers

Here at thebestof we’ve proved that we can help businesses in and around Eastbourne find more customers. That’s because we understand the importance of combining the latest technology with the personal touch, to put your business and your expert knowledge in front of as many potential customers as possible. 
Think of us as your personal business coach or consultant, but without the hefty price tag. Instead, as part of our unique Kick Start programme, we’ll work alongside your team, getting to know your business as if it was our own, so that we truly understand your aims and objectives and can support you as you develop your business brand. 

What we do for you

  • Growing your brand; at thebestof we’re specialists at putting local businesses in front of people seeking their services.
  • Making you easy to find; behind the scenes, we optimise your feature to make it search engine friendly and continue to monitor its performance on Google!
  • Independent reviews; nothing convinces potential customers to make that first enquiry like positive reviews from existing, happy customers. We call it ‘social proof of excellence’.
  • Track and improve your marketing in Eastbourne; success is measurable and we keep tabs on how well you’re performing.
  • Sharing the knowledge; when it comes to successful sales and marketing savvy, what’s ours is yours.
  • Win awards; take part in our annual business awards based on real local reviews.


Relax, we know Marketing in Eastbourne

  • We keep an eye on breaking trends and ‘next big things’ so you don’t miss out.
  • When people come to us for answers, we steer them towards those businesses we know can help them.
  • We’re active on all the major social media platforms, promoting thebestof and your business so you don’t have to.
  • At thebestof we’re an integral part of the Eastbourne networking circuit so we’re always meeting new people, making introductions and seeking new opportunities on your behalf.

Sharing success

We cultivate business owners and decision makers just like you, and that means our networking events aren’t an excuse for another hard-sell. Instead, we encourage everyone who comes along to share their knowledge and experience in collaborative and inspiring ways.

It’s all in the numbers
When it comes to business success, the numbers usually tell the story. Here’s what these numbers reveal about businesses here in Eastbourne.
  • 20% are struggling
  • 60% are getting by
  • 15% are getting there because their business is growing
  • 4% are doing really well
  • 1% are super-successful
It’s our job - our mission - to help the 80% of businesses which are either struggling or just getting by, to join the 15%, or the 4% or even the 1% who are thriving, by helping them to market themselves effectively and grow their businesses sustainably.

Members-only benefits

In addition to our open networking events, we also hold exclusive members-only sessions which are dedicated to acquiring new skills and sharing ideas, away from the rough and tumble of the office. And if you can’t make it in person, you can join in virtually, thanks to our members-only Facebook group, ‘Excellence on Tap’. Here you can ask your peers for advice or offer help to others at a time that suits you; and if you’d prefer to ask something privately, David Ruddle is easy to reach via email or social media.

Take your business to the next level today

We all want to succeed - for ourselves, for the people we work with and for our families - and the first step to success couldn’t be simpler. Just call David Ruddle today on 01323 458125 or drop him an email to arrange a time for a chat. We look forward to welcoming you into thebestof family here in Eastbourne.

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