Use native images in your local marketing in Eastbourne
18th January 2022
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When it comes to you and your competitors it’s important to stand out.

Sounds obvious right?

So what can you do to make your marketing look interesting? How can you make it look unique and different so that it’ll make your audience take notice?

One tried and tested way is to use what we call “Native” images.

Most marketing pieces use stock images that, although are relevant to the product or service, just scream – “This is and advert and we’re gonna try and sell something to you”.

But if you use an image that’s real, like something that’s from you (native) - it will immediately look more engaging.

Here’s an example…

A hair salon sends out a flyer using a stock image of some scissors, hairbrush and straighteners. All well and good, but any hair salon can do that.

However, replace the image with one of the actual salon team in front of their salon with the signage visible, all looking happy and smiling (very important – you don’t want unhappy faces on marketing), and this is now very unique.

No other salon can use that image.

It’s got real people and the actual location. This becomes a lot more relatable to the person receiving it and will increase the chances of them reading the copy and taking action.

So have a think about the imagery you’re using in your marketing…

Is it unique and look different and interesting and real – or could it be passed off as any other of your competitors if the logo was changed?

If you’d like some help some further suggestions to help increase the effectiveness of your marketing, just give us a call on 01323 406060 or drop us a message.


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