The real reason your want to keep your prospect curious
15th November 2021
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As business owners, the temptation to want to tell our prospects about every single thing we have available and can do for them, is very strong. But what you need to remember is that as humans, we’re naturally curious from birth. And questions come from curiosity. Similarly, when it comes to business - Enquiries come from curiosity.

The thing is, however, is that instead of building curiosity, most small business’ marketing pieces do the opposite.

They try to answer as many questions as possible.

Don’t do this!

In business, your goal is to get people’s attention, maintain it, and engage with them. Curiosity can help you accomplish those goals.

So, instead of bombarding your prospective clients with every single piece of information, your marketing should seek to ignite their curiosity.

By creating curiosity, you're teasing your reader with a hint of what's to come, without giving ALL the answers away.

It can be used to compel people to click on a blog post they see on Twitter, an ad on Facebook, or a marketing email in their inbox.

The key to this is in the headline or subject line (which we covered back in Top Tip Tuesday #7). It has to be compelling, but also not give everything away - as that’s what triggers the curiosity – they need to read the content or click to find out the answer or details.

It should inspire them to feel they need to call you, email or even visit you.

So have a look at your marketing – your emails, adverts, or Facebook ads. Do you ignite people’s curiosity?

Or do you give it all away in the headline, or maybe overwhelm them with information?

If you’d like some help in creating curiosity for your target audience, just give us a call!


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