RSE Group restores a piece of Sussex history!
25th September 2016
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RSE Group restores a piece of history

We are exceptionally proud to announce that due to our remarkable growth over the last 5 years, we are moving to a new location from September 26th 2016. We will continue to offer the same professional service at our new open office in John Cross. Our address is:

RSE Group Ltd The Studio The Johns Cross Battle Road, Robertsbridge East Sussex TN32 5JH

Oh yes, our phone number is as always: 01424 830000 and all other contact details remain the same. 

Our brand new office has quite a history and we would love to share it with you…

The weather boarded Inn was built in 1511 in the hamlet of John’s Cross, so named because it was a marshalling point for Crusaders under the banner of John the Baptist, whose emblem was incorporated in the Inn’s sign. The earliest recorded occupant was one Edmund Spicer in 1562. Sometime following this period ale was brewed on the premises and, in July 1694, the property was signed over to William Piper, a beer retailer of the parish of Battle.

In 1792, the Inn was extended to incorporate the then dining room, which is now a brand new state of the art conference/meeting room. We are so excited to be restoring this beautiful property to its former glory as a Napoleonic Recruitment Office. During this War the widows and orphans of the parish were given shelter at the Inn and for many years it was used as a Customs & Excise office and a collection point for the mail coaches.

In more recent times, the adjoining ‘studio’ has been used as an extra classroom for the local school and, in September 1939, as a distribution point for evacuated children from London but is now our brand new office!

Now although we don’t brew our own ale we do have a bar, well a mini bar under the boss’ desk (sssh don’t tell anyone) and we don’t plan on collecting on your overdue taxes anytime soon so relax! We have spent the last 3 months restoring The Studio which will be our main office and now work continues restoring this iconic building with all locally sourced materials and local tradesmen too, ensuring the rebirth of this buildings integrity and history.

Many thanks for your support with all that we have done thus far and we look forward to welcoming you to our new office and providing the service you have come to expect from us ongoing as usual, plus one or two added services. 

With very best wishes The Awesome RSE team!

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