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Weddings are a once in a lifetime event to be remembered always. Having the right photographer to capture more than just the photos on the day is important. Read some tips on choosing the right photographer to capture your wedding memories.
Events are great opportunities for your business and having quality photographs can ensure future event marketing is made even easier.
How long is a piece of string? When it comes to photography you are not paying for the click of the button it is everything else going on behind the camera.
What does your profile picture say about your business? Perhaps still hiding behind your logo... find out more about business photography at the #EBtweetup from Artemi Photography.
Even if you are just starting out in business photos can help you make a bigger impact! Ask Artemi Photography how you could be making the most of pictures in your business.
I'm so exited to be able to share my latest shoot and collection of images with you. It was such a fun day and even better with the fantastic team of people who all helped make this a beautiful inspirational editorial.
Would you like to win a photo shoot in Eastbourne? Artemi Photography would love to take a picture your will cherish always or at the very least see an improvement in your business when you update you profile picture.
So pleased to have received the news that Artemi Photography has qualified for Business of the Year 2017.
When was the last time you updated your professional photo for your social media profiles?
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