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2nd August 2022
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As humans, when faced with a challenge or when asked if something can be done, it’s very easy for the brain to think of the reasons why things can’t be done.
We see it a lot when talking to business owners.
When told things like, “to make your service even better and help your customers love you even more, you just need to do/invest in xyz”…
“If you want to increase your turnover and profit by X you just need to purchase or invest in Y”.
…What happens next, in a lot of cases, is the brain quick-fires out reasons not to do it…
“I haven’t got the time”
“I haven’t got the capacity”
“I can’t afford to do that”
Whereas the business owners who make the quickest and most substantial growth in their business, are the ones that flip that question on its head and instead ask themselves…
“How can I/What do I need to do to make that happen?”
Because when you do that, it forces you to look at options and ideas that normal business owners - who make slower, less substantial progress - just never think about.
So next time you catch yourself thinking or saying those things – just stop and rephrase the question.
Only good things can happen when you do.
Until next week – make it happen!

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