How Effective Is Your Communication With Customers?
1st June 2021
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We know that you’re a sensible and switched-on business owner 😉. So, you want more people to take action when you send them emails to, for example, direct them to some content or a sales page, right?

So, when you send said email - you need to add a link. And from what our research* tells us, you should add at least four of them.

You can definitely add more but we wouldn’t recommend any less.

So why four?

The truth is that people are unique, they won’t all click for the same reasons.

By including more links (at different points in the email) you increase your chances of ‘catching’ as many people as you can.

Let’s look at this example:


Each link is appealing to a different type of person and a different reason why they might click.

Link 1: Some people like to have a big image to click on, so we give them the chance early on in the email.

Link 2: ‘Go here and get it now’ We’re being direct, telling them exactly what to do.

Link 3: ‘83% discount’ This appeals to the people who are interested in the great discount and savings available to them.

Link 4: ‘24 hours’ This link is appealing to those who are more deadline driven.

Links 5, 6, 7 & 8: These are all bullet points of what the recipient will discover if they invest in this product. We don’t know which point they’ll find most appealing and so we make sure we link them all.

Link 9: ‘Get it here now’ Again, we’re being direct – this time at the end of the email to pick up anybody who read through the content and needs to be told what to do next (people like to be told what to do).

Link 10: ‘Click Here to grab your xxxxxxx product’ This link is in the P.S. of the email to pick up the people who just skip straight to the end of the email (there’s LOTS of people who do this!).

Obviously, you don’t need 10 clicks in every email you send…

…but as a rule of thumb: More Links = More Clicks

(*HubSpot 2020)

We’re happy to help if you’d like getting an email together like this to send out to your customers – Just give us a call


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