How A Christmas Album Can Help Your Business.
7th December 2021
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It’s that time of year where everywhere we turn there’s Christmas adverts hitting our eyes and ears you start to think - “I need to get in on this.”
So you start racking your brains for an offer, an advert, or some form of witty post for your social media.
And for quite a few, this can be a challenge.
However, it was an advert (which I’m sure you’ve probably seen too) that made us think that sometimes it’s easier than we think to get some sales through our door.
You see, every Christmas the “Now! That’s What I Call Music” brand bring out their Christmas album – the creatively named “Now! That’s What I Call Xmas”. 
And the thing is, other than the odd 1 or 2 songs, they’ve hardly changed a thing for the last 10 years or so. 
80%-90% of the content (the songs) are the same, the advert is pretty much the same, and the price has hardly changed either. 
Yet it always ends up in the Top 10 Christmas albums every single year. 
With hardly any extra effort from previous years!
That’s why it’s such a useful example for this week’s tip. 
You don’t have to pressurise yourself trying to think of new campaigns every time you want to do some marketing or a promotion.
Look at previous campaigns. 
Find what worked well.
And repeat them.
Now! That’s What I Call Easy!
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