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9th November 2017
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When you hire a skip it is easy to assume you will be able to throw all of your waste into it. Whilst most waste types are ok to put in a skip, including general household rubbish, garden waste, hardcore, soil, wood, plastic, cardboard and metal, there are some materials and items which are not accepted or may incur an extra charge as they are difficult to dispose of. This can vary between skip firms so it is always best to check with the one you are going use before ordering the skip.

Difficult items and items that cannot be put into a skip:


Some companies will not accept mattresses as they need to be disposed of separately to general waste. Others, like us at Haulaway, may be able to take them if there is notification prior to the skip being supplied so that the necessary arrangements can be put in place.


Batteries contain chemicals inside them and so must be disposed of separately to general waste. Companies that have an outlet for them can accept them but may apply an additional charge.  

Fridges and Freezers

Fridges and freezers are often not accepted because of the gases they contain. If the skip company will accept them an extra charge may be applied as they are difficult to dispose of.

Electrical Items


Items such as dishwashers, flat screen TV’s and monitors require a registered WEEE Recycling firm to collect them, like we have in place at Haulaway. Not all skip companies will use one though and they will not accept any electrical items. Old fashioned TV’s and monitors (the big bulky ones!) contain hazardous chemicals and gases and so will not be accepted.



Tyres require a separate outlet to general waste. If a skip company does not have a suitable outlet for them they will not be able to accept them. Companies that can accept them will often apply an additional charge and may need notification prior to skip delivery.

Gas Bottles, Paint Tins, Solvents and Fuel


Gas bottles, paint tins (containing residual paint) solvents and fuel, all contain hazardous chemicals and gases. They are not accepted in skips and must be disposed of by a company specialising in hazardous waste. Fluorescent lights are not accepted either as they contain mercury, a harmful chemical.

Medical, Chemical and Toxic waste


Any kind of medical or toxic waste is classed as hazardous and must be disposed by a specialist company. Therefore it is not acceptable to put in a skip.


Plasterboard cannot be mixed in with any other waste going into the skip. Therefore some companies will not accept it. Other companies will if it is the only waste type going into the skip. Here at Haulaway we can provide 1 tonne bags to our customers so they can still have a skip for general waste whilst keeping their plasterboard segregated.


Asbestos is a harmful material that cannot be recycled or reused. Most skip companies will not accept it as a special licence is required to carry and dispose of this hazardous waste.

To find out about the materials we can take at Haulaway please call us on 01323 453258.

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