Blogging for business... what should we be saying?
6th January 2014
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Congratulations! You have one of the best businesses in town, but are you shouting from the roof about it? Zara Baker finds out how to boost your company's exposure using the internet.

Thanks to new fangled technology it's easier and faster than ever to conduct business. Unfortunately, it's also increasingly competitive, with more companies than ever offering the same services. Excellent customer care, a reliable product/service and good prices are all important factors for any business, but if you're not reaching your audience then you are making very little impact. Which is where TheBestOf Eastbourne comes in.

As the go-to site for promoting the very best businesses on theSunshineCoast, TheBestOf lets people find everything from a reliable plumber or car mechanic to the best local English restaurant or bootcamp. All from one central hub. It's the easiest way to get noticed by the people that matter: customers. Word of mouth recommendations are at the heart of a business' growth, and online is the quickest and most widespread way to get the word out. Fact.

Standing out from the rest is easier by featuring glowing business reviews on a trusted website like TheBestOf, but don't just stick to star ratings: use the web to promote your company by keeping things current and leaving the potential customer waiting to hear more.

Traditional Print Marketing works but is it sustainable?

Picture this: an advert based in a local publication is a good way to promote business. It's a tried and tested method that's worked for years. Add an offer to said advert and you have a lot of interested customers coming throughout the door of your restaurant/shop/therapy centre or giving you a call. The problem is sustaining the business after the initial interest generated over the advert/offer. You can keep advertising – familiarity from repetitive advertising also works great, but before you spend out on the newspaper ads and bus shelter posters, think about utilising the internet to boost business too. It's reaching a far bigger audience for one.

Alongside being featured on TheBestOf Eastbourne, we can provide a social media service that's second to none. Being part of TheBestOf, we generate tweets on Twitter and Facebook based on your business sector, reaching thousands of followers.  The weekly newsletter lands in hundreds of inboxes, again highlighting the best services in town. These are thoughtfully timed to coincide with feature calendar events, the same as you would read an article in a weekly publication.For example, plumbers and heating engineers in the cold winter months, restaurants near Valentine's Day and outdoor attractions in the summer. It may sound pretty straightforward 'common sense', but marketing done badly not only misses the clients you are trying to reach, it can also have a negative impact too.

A last important factor in standing out from the crowd is being approachable. Your advert may be familiar to a reader or you may have good rankings in online reviews, but a personable approach makes you relatable – therefore approachable. The easiest way to get personal? Through a blog! It sure beats going door to door to make your presence known. Here at TheBestOf, we can provide a regular blog writing service. It's suitable for new businesses and established businesses, as there is always something new to say. To find out more about this or any other serve please contact

What we can do to help our member businesses?

  • Help you create a social media presence for your business and coach you on how to manage it yourself or introduce you to a trusted source that can. David Ruddle of TheBestOf has a proven track record with over 6,500 followers on his account @David_Ruddle where he shares posts about all things Eastbourne.
  • Write a regular blog post for your company (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or twice a year. Zara Baker will meet you for an informal chat and work out the best angle for you in promoting your business through our blog service. These can be either company profiles and interviews or a review format. We will make your business stand out from the crowd!

About Zara: An editor of Brighton lifestyle magazine 'Latest 7', Zara has seven years' experience writing content (advertorial) for Brighton businesses. These include wedding suppliers, personal trainers, boutique shops, entertainment venues, solicitors and estate agents, Writing is effectively catered to the right target audience, generating interest about your brand.

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