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Downsizing is hard. It can be made a little easier… Downsizing… restructuring… redundancy… Whatever term you use, it’s easy for nobody. Let us explain how we can help you!
Rachel, our Recruitment Coach explains exactly what she does and how she can help you!
What do I need to consider when taking on my first member of staff? Leanne's blog about all you may need to think of during this time!
Read about Tectonic Digital Systems experience when it comes to working with apprentices in Eastbourne.
Superheros do exist...
Superheros do exist...
On the Earth there is a place where Recruiters have superpowers! The place is in the UK, South East to be precise, and it is called RSE Group...
What would you tell your 17 year-old about the world of work?
Future Employers could be checking your Social Media
Will you be affected by the National Living Wage? It comes into effect today.
Do you need additional staff to cover a shortfall in your office? Perhaps you need additional helps for an events. In this blog post the benefits of tapping into the temporary employment market are explained further.
Great news from Eastbourne Education Business Partnership to share about the Big Future Show at the Winter Gardens in Eastbourne.
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