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Chichester Homeowners are Millionaires Author: Clive Janes CRJ Lettings
Wha'ts Going to Happen Tomorrow Chichester Property News Author: Clive Janes CRJ Lettings
What is Renting in Chichester Right Now? Author: Clive Janes CRJ Lettings Chichester
Why I Only Do Lettings and Not Sales by Clive Janes CRJ Lettings 01243 624 599
Time is Running Out on Investment Purchases 'Thoughts of a Letting Agent' Author : Clive Janes CRJ Lettings
I was chatting to a landlord who feels the time is right to buy another buy-to-let before the 1st April deadline that will see stamp duty rise for landlords. The problem he is having is that property in Chichester seems to be selling so quickly!
Advice for Landlords Who Want a 'Let Only' Service News from CRJ Lettings Clive Janes
I met with a landlord this week who has properties in both Chichester and Bognor Regis. We were comparing the rents he achieves against the properties current values when he said it seems property in Bognor Regis provides a better return than in Chichester.
Author: Clive Janes CRJ Lettings Thoughts of a Letting Agent
News from CRJ Lettings
News from CRJ Lettings
Author : Clive Janes CRJ Lettings "The Internet has revolutionised the way we buy and sell property with disastrous consequences for traditional agents. Clive Janes advises on whether traditional estate agency is in fact dead, or just changing"
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