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The Chichester International Film Festival, the largest film festival on the South Coast, celebrates its Silver Anniversary with no less than 150 films from all over the world screened during the 18-day festival (11 – 28 Aug) at its home, Chichester Cinema at New Park and six other venues.
Easter is fast approaching, and the Easter Bunny has been busy getting ready to hide the delicious Chocolate Eggs. From Easter Egg Hunts to Family Fun Days to learning about the Easter Nighttime sky, we have some of the best activities listed for your family entertainment.
Wildlife to Spot in March
Wildlife to Spot in March
March is a beautiful time of spring in which flowers are beginning to blooms and birds are busy building their nests. The weather is becoming seasonably warmer, and the brilliant sunshine warms our smiles and our hearts. This time of year offers a plethora of woodland treasures to be found.
Need some inspiration of finding something to do this weekend? Find some of these handpicked activities in the local area. Have fun and enjoy yourself!
There are so many events happening in the Chichester area to keep the children busy during their half term break. Either don some wellies and walk around the harbour in a scavenger hunt, or attend some art classes……. There is something for everyone.
Chichester……… Where did the name come from? In the late 5th or early 6th century the Saxons arrived in the area. Chichester was named after a Saxon called Cissa. The Saxons called any group of Roman buildings a ceaster. They called this town Cissa's ceaster. It changed to Cisscester then finally to Chichester. What a great town it is.
Christmas is roaring its way into the area and there are plenty of exciting activities to keep your family in the spirit this season. Stoke your fire, keep warm and take a few minutes to read about great family fun. The smiles and squeals of delight on little one’s faces is sure to please both young and old.
With Christmas around the corner, there are many markets and activities to get one inspired for the season.
The weather is turning colder, and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. Autumn is a beautiful time of year for fall colours, and there are many entertaining things to do for the children to keep them inspired and entertained. What is even better is the fact that none of these activities will put a large dent in your budget.
What's Going on in Chichester?
What's Going on in Chichester?
There are plenty of events going on in the Chichester area. Families can celebrate Halloween activities, or perhaps you may want to view some of the spectacular fireworks displays to light up our skies. Whatever your need for fulfilment, we have many choices of events and activities in the area.
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