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Chichester……… Where did the name come from? In the late 5th or early 6th century the Saxons arrived in the area. Chichester was named after a Saxon called Cissa. The Saxons called any group of Roman buildings a ceaster. They called this town Cissa's ceaster. It changed to Cisscester then finally to Chichester. What a great town it is.
An interesting article recently published in Runner’s World magazine references some research undertaken at the University of Kent’s School of Sport and Exercise Science looking at whether psychological interventions, such as hypnosis, can enhance performance in endurance sports. As part of the research the University conducted a review of published articles which looked at the effect of psychological interventions on the performance of endurance athletes. After looking at the best designed studies the researchers concluded that more often than not using such techniques do actually improve performance. Techniques that were found to be beneficial included: goal-setting, hypnosis, imagery and self-talk. At the same time the researchers found that mental fatigue or losing focus during an event or training was detrimental to performance.
Richard Avery Hypnotherapy How can Mind Coaching Help You?
Join the Top Flight at Pagham
Join the Top Flight at Pagham
For budding and bona fide birdwatchers alike, Pagham Harbour is a must-visit destination during the winter months.
This is a 6km walk encircling the harbourside village of Itchenor (also known as West Itchenor). The walk passes through farmland, attractive housing and along the shoreline path with splendid views of the harbour.
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