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Cover Your Cough
Cover Your Cough
Seasonal influenza, illnesses and viruses are still plaguing us into the Easter holiday. Along with spending time with family, we leave an extra little something behind with our treasured loved ones when we share our viruses.
Weight Loss Without the Diet
Weight Loss Without the Diet
Weight Loss Without the Diet? Yes, it is possible!
Losing Excess Weight is Easy
Losing Excess Weight is Easy
What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.
by Richard Avery Richard Avery Hypnotherapy Giving up smoking can be easy, as long as you really believe that you can do it and have sufficient motivation to quit.
Hypnosis is a complex form of behaviour which can be induced under certain conditions to form a trancelike state in which the recipient achieves a heightened quality of relaxation that allows them to bypass their critical faculties. This in turn allows those hypnotised to accept suggestions or recall events to overcome issues which may adversely effect the way they live. Hypnotherapy uses this hypnotic state to help people overcome their issues or motivate themselves to achieve change or realise goals that may otherwise have been beyond them.
We have all been there, we start on a new diet and all we can think about is the food we cannot eat. We don’t have fantasies over eating an apple or taking another helping of broccoli at dinner, its always chocolate, cakes and biscuits. Why? Eating like many other things in our life is based on habit. We do it every day and it sinks into our subconscious and we do not think about it any more. But when we first start a new diet, like anything new, it is unfamiliar and we tend think about it a lot in our conscious mind. When you are thinking about your diet, you don’t tend to think about the food you can eat, but rather the food you cannot eat. While you are doing this your subconscious imagination kicks in and gives you images and tastes of all the wonderful things you could be eating.
An interesting article recently published in Runner’s World magazine references some research undertaken at the University of Kent’s School of Sport and Exercise Science looking at whether psychological interventions, such as hypnosis, can enhance performance in endurance sports. As part of the research the University conducted a review of published articles which looked at the effect of psychological interventions on the performance of endurance athletes. After looking at the best designed studies the researchers concluded that more often than not using such techniques do actually improve performance. Techniques that were found to be beneficial included: goal-setting, hypnosis, imagery and self-talk. At the same time the researchers found that mental fatigue or losing focus during an event or training was detrimental to performance.
Richard Avery Hypnotherapy How can Mind Coaching Help You?
I'm sure that all of you spend considerable time thinking about how you can run your business effectively: understanding your customer's needs, keeping up with industry trends, understanding your competition, etc. ou may also spend some time thinking about your physical fitness. But, how much of your success is dependent on your mind being in the right place to run your business? And how much time do you spend on making sure that it is?
Autism now affects 1 in 68 children, and 1 in 42 boys. There is no medical detection or cure for autism, and some of society perceive it as a detrimental condition. Perhaps we should take a step back and study the strengths of this condition, rather than considering this to be an affliction.
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