This commonly prescribed medication may increase your Alzheimer’s risk
18th May 2017
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Current research suggests that ‘the avoidance of PPI medication may prevent the development of dementia’, because it appears that PPIs increase the level of beta-amyloid proteins in the brain. 

However, it’s also thought that these medications can hamper your body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients – particularly zinc – which are important for brain function. In studies, blood levels of zinc increased by 126 per cent when people who were not using PPIs took zinc supplements, compared with only 37 per cent for those people taking PPIs. On a normal diet without taking zinc in supplement form, PPI users have a 28 per cent lower zinc level than people not using them. 

PPI drugs should only be used short term yet many people are contiually prescribed them over many years. If you have reflux it can be easily addressed by dietary and lifestyle changes. Nutritional therapy is extremely effective at treating all digestive problems thus avoiding the need for drug treatment. 


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