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Here is a quick guide on how to set up a great profile on Linkedin From the experts at Ascension Global Recruitment.
This month it has been my pleasure to interview Kellie from Hummingbird Pilates & Yoga.
Sexism is less favourable treatment of someone based on their gender. Statistically this is more likely to affect women and is often more subtle than inappropriate comments or direct sexual harassment.
This month I had a super time interviewing Greg from Retro Corn. Here’s what he had to say.
Westwood Hairdressing Interview. This month I had the pleasure of meeting the team at Westwood Hairdressing at 3 Can Bridge Way. Read on to find out more about this great local business…..
Local Business Interview
Local Business Interview
This month I have been delighted to meet and interview Jason, Managing Director at CameraWorld in the High Chelmer Shopping centre.
Blogs offer an inexpensive and relatively easy way for you to gain visibility for your business, and to interact with your current and prospective customers.
Do you earn over £150,000 when adding back in pension contributions by yourself and your employer? If so this is a must read…
Have you ever thought about the advantages that a funeral plan can offer?
Why grandparents needn’t go to court to see their grandchildren after a divorce or separation of the parents.
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