More Omega-3 in Organic Milk
26th April 2015
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The first ever large-scale comparison of organic and non-organic milk took place in the United States over an 18 month period.  Results showed that non- organic milk had a less healthy ratio of pro-inflammatory omega 6 (implicated in a variety of health problems including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune diseases) to anti-inflammatory omega 3.

Today’s Western diet has a serious omega 6 to omega 3 imbalance – around 10 or 15 to one, while the recommended ratio for heart health is 2.3 to 1, requiring at least a 9 point drop in omega 6 in favour of omega 3!

Milk consumption is best kept to a minimum in any case - get your calcium from green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds and improve your omega-3 ratio by eating oily fish like salmon at least 3 times per week.  Other good sources of omega-3 are sardines, raw nuts and seeds, especially flax seeds and walnuts.  Try to avoid processed foods which contain highly processed vegetable oils and trans-fats.

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