Make time to eat!
22nd February 2017
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If you persistently eat on the run you will be giving your body the message that time is scarce, that you are under pressure and that you are stressed.

When you eat under stress your digestive system shuts down because the body prefers to reserve its energy and resources for saving your life - not digesting food.

Therefore, as a result, you could end up feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating because the food could be just sitting there fermenting in the gut.

Also if you are stressed your cortisol levels will be higher and this means the body is more likely to store fat around the tummy area. 

Try to always prioritise your health because it really is true to say that if you don't make the time now to be healthy you will have to make the time later to be ill (think time off work and doctor and hospital appointments). Taking an extra ten minutes at meal times to enjoy your food and scheduling in weekly relaxation such as massage, yoga or meditation will all have a positive effect on your health and well-being.  


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