Healthy Digestion
17th October 2014
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The first part of digestion happens in the mouth. To have a healthy digestion it is really important to chew well. So take your time when you eat, slow down and your food will be digested better. Chewing also signals the other parts of your digestive system to get ready to receive food. So if you are not chewing well, the first part of breakdown in the mouth doesn’t happen, the digestive system does not get the signal to prepare itself and the food will pass into the stomach in larger molecules than the stomach can really manage.

Another advantage of eating slowly is you are less likely to overeat. Once you start eating it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full. So if you eat slowly you will end up eating less food because your brain will tell you that you have had enough. If you eat quickly, you can consume a lot more food than you actually need before your brain realises. There is a big difference between hunger and appetite. Hunger is when your stomach rumbles and you need to eat because time has passed since your last meal. Appetite is when you want to eat because you fancy some ice cream because you just saw an advert on the TV.

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