Health is not a goal - it's a way of life!
5th January 2017
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It is better to make gradual and small but sustainable changes that you will continue with not just for a few weeks or a few months but that you can continue long term. Just a few basic examples below:

  • If you are drinking a lot of tea and coffee everyday cut back. Replace with herbal or green teas and fresh water. This will in turn reduce your consumption of dairy and (if taken) sugar. Herbal teas are an aquired taste so persevere even if you don't like them at first. 
  • If you are in the habit of buying regular chocolate bars/cakes etc. then break this habit. Keep small bags of nuts with you to snack on instead - or consider if you really need to eat anything at all. Often people eat for reasons other than hunger; are you thirsty, or just bored? Rocognising this will help you to break and replace bad habits. 
  • Be mindful at mealtimes. Consider what you are going to eat and how it will make you feel. Think about consuming more vegetables and smaller portions of meat and carbohydrates as you will feel better for this.

Over the long term these new habits will stick and you will feel motivated by how much better you feel and the positive effects on your health.

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