Are you drinking enough water?
7th October 2016
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1. Around 70% of your body is made up of water and it’s essential for many of your body’s processes.

2. Water is crucial for the kidneys which help to remove waste products from your body

3. Drinking enough water is associated with better mood, better brain function and energy levels

4. Drinking adequate water may prevent headaches that are triggered by dehydration

5. Adequate water intake can support your brain function (cognition) which is particularly useful at work or if you’re studying.

6. Water is also helpful in weight management. Hunger is often mistaken for thirst so if you’re watching your weight it’s worth making sure you’re drinking enough. Also drinking water before meals is effective to help you eat less. 

7. If you don’t like plain water be creative; add a slice and/ or squeeze of lemon, lime or orange to your bottle. 

I recommend consuming around a litre of water daily in addition to pleny of water containg foods such as vegetables and fruit. If it is hot or if you are exerecising you will need more. Starting the day with 2-3 mugs of hot water is a good way to get hydrated and will often make you feel more thirsty over the day. 


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