Antacids: A risk factor for Osteoporosis
21st October 2015
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However, good levels of stomach acid are, in fact, needed to absorb calcium. Antacids can also contain aluminium, which accelerates the excretion of calcium, and to compound the problem, some contain calcium carbonate – a form of calcium that is not easily absorbed and requires a good level of stomach acid for absorption. So, ironically, people take calcium-containing antacids often in the mistaken belief that they are benefiting from extra calcium, when in fact their stomach acid is lowered to the point where it can’t adequately absorb it.

Using Antacids also hinders absorption of vitamins from food especially B vitamins. Lowered levels of B vitamins is linked with many health disorders including heart health and Alzheimers disease. 

If you suffer with indigestion think about what may be causing it. There is always a reason and therefore it is unwise to simply mask the symptoms with medication. Seek advice from a Nutritional Therapist who will advise you on nutritional ways to support your digestion with food and natural supplements. This will not only clear up your symptoms but will also improve your long term health. 

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