Landfill is the oldest form of waste management.
14th October 2014
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We have been burying stuff we don't want for hundreds if not thousands of years, we now call it landfill. It's a matter of out of sight out of mind but this method can be the cause of a lot of problems. 

The most obvious is the damage caused to roads by the large and heavy vehicles not just by breaking up the surface but the tyres will also leave pollution on the road. This can also spread to local rivers and streams. 

The site itself can also be subject to leaks into groundwater systems and soil contamination. As organic waste degrades and decays it can generate methane gas into the atmosphere, it is a greenhouse gas and can be a danger to the greater as well as local environment.

There can be an effect on wildlife, an increase in vermin and the inevitable noise pollution, anyone who lives near such a site will know of this and the impact on property values.

The more that can be recycled means there is less need for landfill sites. There are waste management contractors that are able to achieve a zero to landfill result this should be the aim for all.

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