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Sue Papworth is the owner of TOAD's School of Driving and has a wealth of experience in teaching people to learn to drive a car or tow a trailer. So just who is this person that you trust to be alone with your child for an hour or two each week?
What are the real dangers of using a mobile telephone when driving; be that hands held, (which has been unlawful since December 2003) or hands free. The table below will give you some idea of how far you will travel should you be distracted. Here we look at how our REACTION TIME will be affected and how far we will travel at 70mph, the legal motorway limit.
Why is it that so many drivers forget to use signals when approaching and leaving roundabouts? It is quite clearly laid down in the Highway Code what should be done, which will improve the flow of traffic and make it much safer for all concerned!
How long does my plastic driving licence card last for? The short answer is that it will remain in force until the day before your 70th birthday, which will be indicated on the reverse of your plastic card. However, your photograph should be renewed every ten years, the date of this is outlined in item 4b on the front of your driving licence.
Mobile Remaps Director receives Professional Tuner and Advanced Tuner certificates awarded by The Institute of the Motor Industry.
Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF's) are causing a lot of frustration to both vehicle owners and the auto industry. So what are they and why, in the opinion of this author, are they a flawed idea?
What is a remap?
What is a remap?
thebestof Cambridge asked Al Hunter from Mobile Remaps – what exactly is ECU remapping (also known as chip tuning) and how can it benefit our vehicle?
With more than 300 reviews from delighted customers, Toad's Schools of Driving in Cambridge is guaranteed to put you on the road to success!
The hot weather can be just as harmful and dangerous as the winter months, so ensure your car is roadworthy this summer with the help of Cambridge's recommended garages.
As temperatures continue to fall, it is vital that you ensure your vehicle is ready for all the 'Great' British weather has to throw at it, so make sure you book your car or van in to have a service or winter check-up before you end up stranded.
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