Stay safe on the roads this winter with the help of Cambridge's finest motoring specialists
25th November 2013
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Isn't it madness... countries like Canada, Finland and Iceland get huge snow downfalls and drifts - often for months at a time - and yet quite happily get on with business day-to-day. The UK gets a few leaves on a train track and suddenly our entire transport infrastructure comes to a halt.

Of course, we do understand that unlike the aforementioned countries, we don't get enough snow or ice to warrant the level of financial investment it would need to be able to operate as smoothly as they do in adverse weather conditions. But surely some preparation would help?

And we can't just lay the blame entirely on the government and our local councils (much as we'd like to!) Yes, the sight of gritters unable to salt the roads because not enough salt has been ordered does make us want to scream. But perhaps we can take a little responsibility for some of the scrapes we may end up in this winter.

For example, have you put the anti-freeze in your car yet? Made sure your screen-wash is properly topped up? Checked your oil and tyre pressures, got the scraper out of the drawer, bought the de-icer?

Have you started thinking about your winter checklist? You know, those things you'll need if you were to get stuck in the snow? Torch and batteries, blanket, fully charged phone, tow rope, a few snacks?

Have you booked your car in to make sure everything is in tip top condition before the freezing temperatures set in? It stands to rights that you would never go out in the rain or snow with a massive hole in the sole of your boots – so why travel in a car that could potentially break down at any minute? Bad enough in the warmer weather but when you're talking about snow and ice, laziness can lead to a potentially fatal decision.

Tune up your vehicle in time for winter

Here in Cambridge, we are lucky enough to have three highly recommended garages that will ensure your car or van is in the best possible condition heading into winter. Heath Road Garage, C and R Autos and M&T Auto Services – all have been recommended by their customers and offer a range of high quality, affordable services, including tyre sales, wheel balancing, repairs and general servicing.

Please click here to find out more about Cambridge's best garages.

Has the worst happened?

If you do end up breaking down or getting completely stuck, you know you can always call on Manchett's Rescue and Recovery. Specialising in car and commercial vehicle recovery across Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds and the surrounding region, Manchett's Rescue and Recovery offers a speedy response and 100% customer satisfaction 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Want to know more about Manchett's? Please click here.

Going abroad?

Getting to and from the airport in cold, icy conditions does not put you in the holiday mood. So whether your trip is for business or pleasure, why not leave the car at home and travel to the airport without the stress by booking an airport transfer with Airport Lynx?

As Mr L comments, “Airport Lynx always provides a reliable, flexible service. I have used them both for business and holidays many times now and never had a problem. Happy to recommend.”

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