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The legal standard to be met in order to pass the practical driving test is the ability to read a standard number plate at 20 meters or 66 feet with/without your spectacles. Failure to meet the required standard will mean failing the driving test. People who cannot see well enough put themselves and others at risk and are advised to seek the professional guidance. Toad’s School of Driving check that each candidate can meet the required standard before venturing onto the open road.
Every mobile phone has a unique 15 digit code called an IMEI number. You can use this number to track a lost phone and you can even wipe data off a lost phone if you have this number!
Happy New Year! These are my 5 tips to a happy and successful 2017. Learn something new, eat in moderation, exercise more, use social media less and remember downtime!
Ever thought about the world of stamps and stamp collection? The small piece of paper that allows the delivery of physical items all around the world! Read our quick and easy to follow introduction to the world of stamp collecting.
Reviews (also known as testimonials) are used everywhere today from helping us to shop, eat out, choose a plumber or pretty much everything else that requires a decision! The power of the internet has enabled everybody to have a voice and share an opinion (something we have been doing from the dawn of our own existence).
How long does my plastic driving licence card last for? The short answer is that it will remain in force until the day before your 70th birthday, which will be indicated on the reverse of your plastic card. However, your photograph should be renewed every ten years, the date of this is outlined in item 4b on the front of your driving licence.
Register all your electrical appliances in the event of recall notices affecting any of the products in one's homes.
Are you over 50 and having a few issues with your computer, or would just like some simple friendly advice on how to use it?
A Government backed service looking after the interests of young people.
Whether you want to enhance your career prospects or gain a better understanding of yourself, The Qualifications Centre, Change Your Thinking, The Accountability Club and Madeleine Morgan can help you forge a new, brighter path.
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