Is your vehicle 'summer ready'?
15th May 2014
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It's drummed into us from an early age that as soon as the colder weather hits, it's time to fill up on anti-freeze, check all the levels, make sure the tyres are pumped up and have proper tread, sort an emergency 'stranded in the snow' kit to put in the boot...

It makes sense of course. After all, driving at any time of year can be fatal if you don't ensure that you and the car are roadworthy. Yes that's right - we said you too! Drink, drugs, tiredness, recklessness... they can do as much, if not more damage than faulty brakes or worn tyres. 

But what about the summer months? Surely we can just jump in the car whenever we want to head off to the seaside, visit friends, meet family etc? Well, yes, as long as you have made the right preparations. 

For example, you may not have realised that punctures are more common in the warmer weather. If your tyres are already worn or damaged, the hot road can add heat and friction to the rubber, potentially leading to a puncture or blow-out. The last thing you'd want when driving on a motorway or winding road!

Hot weather equals hot car. Make sure you have plenty of coolant or you may end up on the hard shoulder rather than your preferred destination. 

We all know how difficult it is to drive with the sun shining directly into the windscreen. Sunglasses can help but make sure that you clean your windscreen regularly, and keep the screenwash topped up or those smears, dead insects and dust, combined with sun glare, can result in a visual nightmare. 

Oil is essential for any engine. With summer holidays and the sunny weather drawing us to the beach, we can do a lot more miles in the summer months than the rest of the year. Keep an eye on that oil level and top it up when necessary.

And for those of you who suffer from allergies and hayfever over the summer months, make sure you take your medication before getting in the car. It may scare you to realise that a sneeze at 70mph can result in you closing your eyes and missing up to 100 metres of road! A lot can happen in 100 metres...

Don't know your dipstick from your coolant?

If you haven't got much of a clue when it comes to maintaining and repairing your vehicle, we suggest that you take it along to one of Cambridge's recommended garages. 

Heath Road Garage

Based in Burwell near Cambridge, Heath Road Garage is a specialist tyre dealer that also provides a wide range of general garage services. With more than 15 years' experience and plenty of great reviews, Heath Road Garage can carry out all the essential checks you need to stay safe on the roads this summer

Please click here for more information about Heath Road Garage near Cambridge.

M&T Auto Services

Alternatively, M&T Auto Services is situated in the centre of Cambridge and offers a comprehensive range of garage services, as well as free collection and delivery service just to make life a little easier. 

Please click here to find out more about Cambridge garage, M&T Auto Services.

Don't leave the safety of you, your passengers and other road users to chance - enlist the help of Cambridge's best garages and ensure your vehicle is ready for the months ahead.

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