Learning to drive? Looking for highly recommended driving schools and driving schools in Cambridge?
10th July 2014
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For many, learning to drive is an essential rite of passage.

Hit seventeen and the first thing that enters your head is 'how long will it take me to get my own car and pass my test?' Many teenagers will have been nagging their parents for driving lessons for years before they can legally get behind the wheel.

And why? Because it's another 'stamp' the book of growing up. To have your own wheels means freedom. Freedom from your parents, freedom to go where you want. It's another step away from childhood and into adulthood.

However, it goes without saying that learning how to drive is a big responsibility. Not only do you want to pass, but you also want to be a confident, vigilant, sensible road user. 

This is why choosing a highly recommended driving school that will make the process enjoyable whilst instilling the core values that make up a good driver is so important. And this is where Toad's School of Driving comes in.

The experienced, friendly and patient driving instructors at Toad's School of Driving in Cambridge will help you learn to drive at your own pace. They will help you build confidence, learn the necessary skills, understand the risks and gain the tools you need to pass your driving test and be a safe, sensible driver. 

With testimonials from more than 300 happy students, plus numerous accolades, which include 'Most Loved Business in Cambridge' in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and 'Loved Local Business' 2013, we really don't have to drum the fact that Toad's School of Driving has a reputation for excellence, do we?

But just in case you do need persuading, here are just a few of the Cambridge driving school's fantastic reviews:

"100% go with Toad's School of Driving."

"Worth every single penny!"

"I feel I can actually drive and haven't just been taught to pass a driving test."

"Very patient and a huge confidence booster."

Don't settle for the rest - opt for the best!

If you have just turned seventeen and are now looking for recommended Cambridge driving schools, or perhaps you have been putting off the process as you're nervous about becoming a driver, don't delay - contact Toad's School of Driving in Cambridge today and enjoy patient, professional driving tuition at a pace that suits you.

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