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Trading Standards have a website where you can check for products that need a recall. Some of them we don't even get to hear about and could affect all sorts of products.
From April 2016 the new State Pension will be based on the National Insurance payment record of each person.
HMRC self-assessment tax returns are due to be filed by the end of January. Don't get caught with a fine for late filing. Talk to your accountant/tax adviser now to avoid penalties.
The Law on Pensions in England and Wales, The Pensions Act 2008, was amended in the Pensions Act 2011 and is now being implemented. For smaller employers the impact was delayed until 2015. It is timely to suggest that all members and non-members take a look at the legislation and or seek professional advice on this issue.
As the festive period is upon us it's easy to ignore what is just around the corner in January. It is time to enjoy yourself right now, let your hair down, forget the stresses of life for a week, but if your a small business, don't leave the accounts to the end of January!
With the deadline for online self assessment forms fast approaching, the majority of us rely on our accountant more in January than any other month of the year - are you happy with the service you receive?
Since its introduction 40 years ago, Cambridge accountants have been helping businesses unravel the complexities of Value Added Tax!
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