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Ramsbottom Roofing offers a deep dive into the various roofing materials available, including shingles, metal, and slate, detailing their advantages, disadvantages, and suitability for different types of homes.
As the vibrant colours of autumn begin to paint the landscape, it's also time to think about preparing your home for the rainy season.
When it comes to home ownership, maintaining the roof over your head should be a top priority but it is often something that probably gets forgotten about.
Roofing that allows water into a property even in small drip-drip quantities will cause damp patches and mould to grow, made worse by heating appliances that churn out damp air and by poor ventilation....
Ramsbottom Roofing is an expert company owned and run by Dale Jones and based in Bury....
Ramsbottom Roofing is a highly qualified and experienced firm that carries the required insurance and takes excellent care of its team members....
Ramsbottom Roofing specialists are experts at roofing repairs and entire roofing requirements for pitched and flat roofs.
Ramsbottom Roofing is owned and run by Dale Jones, providing top quality roofing solutions throughout Bury and beyond....
Firestone the rubber motor tyre company manufactures synthetic ‘rubber’ sheeting material for waterproofing pitched, flat and conservatory replacement roofing....
Winter brings it's own problems for roofing, but Ramsbottom Roofing are availbale for repairs all year round!
Ramsbottom Roofing can help with all your roofing needs!
Spring is the time to start essential home maintainance and Ramsbottom Roofing can attend to gutters with no contact - keeping you and them safe!
Get your roof Winter ready with Ramsbottom Roofing.
Getting your roof surveyed before buying a new property or before winter with Ramsbottom Roofing
Get your roofing checked out by the brilliant Ramsbottom Roofing!
Ramsbottom Roofing are currently offering a reduced price roofing survey- perfect for when you're purchasing a new property.
For all your roofing needs, Ramsbottom Roofing is the team for the job...
If you are looking to purchase a new home or business property, it’s important that you know that the rain won’t come pouring in....
Ramsbottom Roofing is the go to place for any roofing services!...
The weather may be brighter and drier but that doesn't mean you should neglect your roof....
It's stormy out there!
It's stormy out there!
If the recent storms have damaged your guttering, read this blog to find out how Ramsbottom Roofing can help.
Ensure your next home is safe to live in with a roof survey from Ramsbottom Roofing.
If you can't remember the last time you checked your gutters, then you certainly need to read this blog for Ramsbottom Roofing!
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In April 2020
Ray Morton said

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dale of Ramsbotom Roofing. He is very efficient and very reliable and tidy. Very tidy work. Nothing is too much trouble, have had the rest now I've got the best!