Ramsbottom Roofing Repairs Roofing for all Seasons!
25th January 2021
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Every season brings conditions that can cause damage to roofing whether the properties are domestic homes or commercial property. Clearly Winter and Autumn are the most destructive because of the wind, rain, snow and frosts, at this present time we are experiencing all of these most of the time! In addition to wear and tear random happenings can do damage.

Ramsbottom Roofing is owned and run by Dale Jones our local expert operating in Bury and surrounding areas. Dale has many years of hands-on experience and knowledge at his disposal and is able to repair, maintain, replace entire roofing, install brand new roofing on new build projects, including flat and pitched roofs. Dale works to the highest standards of quality because he is a perfectionist who loves to see a perfect result every time, his reputation is excellent and Ramsbottom Roofing has been a highly trusted member of The Best of Bury for more than 11 years!

Should damage occur seek professional help, damaged roofing can let in water and the damage may get worse for being left. Dale will carry out a survey, safely, to establish how bad the damage is and will provide a FREE Quotation!

For Ramsbottom Roofing no job is too large or too small so if you believe there is problem developing, gutter overflowing, cracked roof tiles or slates missing have it checked out. As Dale says, ‘A good roof means a warm dry winter!’ and it means a comfortable home for the benefit of your family and or residents. Having a good roof is also environmentally friendly in that a draughty or damp house will take far more fuel to try and keep it warm, making the property less healthy.

Inevitably roofing repairs are going to be in high demand as we draw towards Spring and by Easter there is likely to be a lot of demand for repair work. Customers wishing to get work done before the rush are advised to contact Ramsbottom Roofing right away and book with Dale to get the work done sooner rather than later!

Ramsbottom Roofing take great care to work within the Health and Safety regulations at all times using appropriate equipment and the correct materials. Plus, due to the Covid19 health issue they will take exceptional care to keep you and the team safely socially distanced.

Contact Ramsbottom Roofing today and get your roof in good order!




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