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23rd November 2016
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Making the choice to move into a new house (or even your first house!) is an exciting one, albeit a little scary! There is so much to consider, from the area and amenities right through to the size of the garden and how many cars can fit on the drive – never mind whether or not you’ll get on with the neighbours!

Getting a survey done before you buy the house is extremely important, as it will help you estimate how much money may need spending on the property before you buy it. However most basic surveys will only cover “surface level” issues, and won’t go into thorough detail – so things may get missed! In particular, the roof. Most surveys look at the roof from ground level – which doesn’t give any indication as to the quality of it!


Getting a roof survey from Ramsbottom Roofing will help to give you an in-depth look at the condition of your roof. Many would argue that the roof is the most important part of a home, as it helps keep heat in and rain out! Issues with the roof could cost you thousands in future, so it’s best to ensure that it has been well-maintained and you won’t be stuck with any unexpected costs.

From blocked or leaking gutters to huge structural issues – a house without a roof certainly isn’t a home! So Ramsbottom Roofing will check over a range of possible issues with the property’s roof, including:

  • The age and longevity of roof coverings
  • Condition of ridge tiles
  • The type and condition of guttering and rainwater systems
  • The brick and mortar condition of any chimney stacks
  • Internal and external roof structure

And that’s just the start of it! There are so many potential issues with roofs that it just isn’t worth skipping the roof survey. Make sure that your new home is safe to live in, and give Ramsbottom Roofing a call on 0800 448 8137, or click the blue box below to visit their feature on thebestofbury. 

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