Good roofing means a warm, dry Winter.
26th November 2020
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‘Good roofing means a warm, dry Winter’ says Ramsbottom Roofing.

For most people, the roof on their house is something that they take for granted. Until they have a leak, damp patches inside the house or worse when water actually brings down ceilings causing damage and heartache.

Roofing materials wear out, accidents happen, roof-tiles get blown off, plus more efficient and effective alternatives become available. Keeping your family warm in winter is more attainable if your home is well maintained and efficient. Carbon efficiency is in all of our minds as we strive to reduce heating costs by burning less fuel and thereby stop letting carbon into the atmosphere. Every effort that we make to warm our homes efficiently, reduce leakage of heat and deal with the root causes of damp etc is an investment that will pay dividends in financial and environmental terms.

Ramsbottom Roofing is owned and run by Dale Jones, a local roofing specialist with a fine reputation for excellent work stretching back many years. Ramsbottom Roofing has been a most trusted member of The Best of Bury for more than 11 years and has gained many satisfied customers who speak highly of the work that he has done for them. Ramsbottom Roofing operates throughout the Bury area and beyond building new roofing and repairing damaged roofing on domestic property, commercial property, and as roofing contractors on construction sites.

Roofing is a highly specialised business, clearly most roofing is along way off the ground and it is something best left to the experts who have the correct health and safety training and equipment, and the know-how to understand what to look for and how to deal with any issues that occur.

Roof maintenance will help to spot problems at an early stage, guttering that has become clogged with debris, broken gutters allowing water to soak through to the rooms inside the home, missing or broke roof tiles etc. Dale and his team of experts will keep an eye on your property and conduct regular checks to make sure that problems are not developing.

Winter is not far off, so now is the time to talk to Dale Jones and book an appointment. The Ramsbottom Roofing team will become busier once winter sets in plus when the weather deteriorates it may not be so easy to carry out roofing inspections and repairs, so if you are in any doubt act now!

Ramsbottom Roofing is here to help keep your home warm and dry!

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