Ramsbottom Roofing are currently offering a complete roof survey from just £199 (usually£250).
28th November 2017
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Although you may question the initial layout, a good roof inspection will save you time and money in the long run.  The team at Ramsbottom Roofing will carry out a full independent roof survey and inspection, which can be used by mortgage companies, banks and building societies, and for insurances quotes.

Ramsbottom Roofing are experts and will fully inspect the roof at all angles, focusing on roof coverings, rainwater systems, internal roof structures, chimneys and flat roofing. A common area for repair are gutters which can develop fatigue splits, which can wear away the mortar.

A portfolio of images will be supplied along with a full and detailed report of any current issues or any future concerns. The report will have an itemised breakdown of any repair work required, allowing you to negotiate the selling price of the property. 

A vast majority of roofs will require some element of work, which could be something as simple as clearing gutters or replacing a few broken tiles. 

For more information contact 0161 696 8177

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